"Color Genie" for your Showroom is here...  
You wished you had it and voila, here it is! Drishya is excited to announce its new feature, the “Color Genie”, a unique Color Swatch feature for our clients who would love to showcase their products in different colors to their discerning customers.
Now, presenting your customers a virtual image of a car, a bike or an upholstery in various colors is as easy as sending a simple text message! This means you can showcase “n” number of color choices of your products to your customers without the need to store the products in all available colors at your showroom!
With “Color Genie,” you can give a virtual feel to your customers on how the product will look like in a particular color chosen by him/her. The product in the chosen color will show all the little details in that particular color, which will give your customers an added boost of confidence and make them more likely to purchase your products.
Using “Color Genie” is so simple! Just send an SMS with the relevant codes for a particular color and the next loop of the product will appear in the chosen new color!
This feature is provided free of cost to our existing customers!

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